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New Moon’s Movie Mistakes

 Movie Mistakes has pointed out many mistakes whether it was factual error, continuity, or revealing. You can view all of them HERE .

-When Bella goes to the Cullens’ house for her birthday party, Alice takes the new camera that Charlie got Bella and takes a picture of Bella and Edward. But when Bella prints out the picture and puts it in her scrapbook, it looks nothing like the picture Alice took. Given we see the entirety of her visit from start to finish, there was no other opportunity for a different photo to be taken.

-When Edward takes Bella to the forest to tell her he is leaving, Bella’s hair hangs down her back. But in a following shot most of it is tucked up in the hood of her coat.

-When Bella pulls up at the Black’s, she spots Jacob, gets out of her truck and her door doesn’t fully close . Later you can see in the background that the door is firmly shut.

-When Edward and Bella turn around to leave the Volturi Chamber, Edward’s robe is tied. When they show them leaving from the back it is undone.

-In the scene where Bella jumps off the cliff, Bella’s eyes are brown before jumping but are blue/green when she surfaces in the water and then back to brown in the underwater and shore scenes.

-At Bella’s birthday party, when Edward pushes Jasper away after attacking Bella, Emmett turns his head to follow Jasper flying through the air. But in the next shot, he is looking in front of him as though he didn’t see anything.

-Right after the scene where Jacob begs Bella not to go to Italy, it shows Alice and Bella driving away in Carlisle’s car; there’s a glimpse of them heading down to the end of the street where a road block fence is visible. That fence is there to stop people from watching while filming.

-During the breakup scene, you see a blue marker between Edwards feet in his wideshots.


Anna Kendrick On David Letterman

Anna Kendrick was recently on The Late Show With David Letterman. She mentioned that this was her first talk show she has ever done. She also talks about her camping trip with her Dad, and of course New Moon. Its funnier through the middle of the interview. Anna Kendrick is pretty funny!


TMZ: Twilight Stars Snatched From Burger King

My Dad showed me this hilarious article from TMZ ! And the funny thing is that it is so true!

Here is the article from TMZ :

There’s a “Twilight” crime wave sweeping the nation — particularly at Burger King restaurants — and all the suspects seem to be the most fearless creatures on the planet … teenage girls with a crush.

TMZ has learned multiple Burger King restaurants across the country are reporting life-size promotional posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are being ripped right off the BK windows in broad daylight … horrible time for a vampire.

So far, the interstate theft has affected BKs in Maine, Delaware and Montana. One Burger King rep tell us, “The girls just walk up in the middle of the day … rip off the posters and run … we’ve had to replace them over and over.”

Giving me some ideas… just kidding! Well kinda. Anyway, i thought that was really funny, those crazy girls. It wouldnt kill them to just buy one, or even as BK staff for them when the promotion for New Moon is over. I could totally picture it too! Hahaha!


Taylor Lautner Q&A in Rolling Stone

Taylor Lautner is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine’s December issue. Here are some of the Q&A from the magazine check them all out over at Rolling Stone.

Don’t you think that when some fans see New Moon, they may be disappointed, because you’re kind of the villain in a way.
I have some pretty passionate team Jacob fans [laughs].

Right. But you’re also the obstacle getting in the way of the great romance between Bella and Edward.
I can see where you’re coming from. The thing is, Jacob and Edward are two completely different guys. They are opposites. And it’s just what kind of girl you are. If you like that more mysterious, dangerous type, then that’s one guy. I personally love Jacob and Bella’s relationship, and how they began as friends. They are so much more open, and can tell each other anything. And Bella and Edward’s relationship, it’s always tense. It’s always serious. But Jacob and Bella’s friendship starts growing stronger and stronger and you just wonder if they can go past friends. It looks like that at some points.

But when your character hangs up on Edward in New Moon, it sets off the whole chain of events that almost lead to a major tragedy. That’s something a villain would do.
Yes. that is part of Jacob’s character. He can’t really control himself. When he gets mad, he gets mad. And all Jacob has on his mind is on Bella. That’s who he cares for. That’s who he loves. If somebody gets in his way, it’s not good. And he will explode. So I guess you could see that either way.

And then Bella is always lying to Edward so she can see you. This is supposed to be like true love forever, so why can’t she just be honest?
You know, she’s serious with Edward and then she meets best friend Jacob. She gets confused.

But you’re not really her friend. You have an agenda with her, and you’re always making snide comments about Edward.
If I was Jacob, and I feel like I have lived as him, it gets so annoying. Because she’s in the car with you one moment, about ready to kiss you and then she leaves and is with Edward. And then she’s back with you, you know.


New Moon Burger King Commercial

I saw this New Moon BK Commercial a few weeks ago i liked it, thought it was funny.


Kristen Stewart on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Really funny interview! Jimmy Fallon is hilarious! Kristen and Jimmy agreed on something and he suggested the be besties 😛 Hahaha. Kristen talked about when Martha Stewart told her she had a dream about Robert Pattinson. Around 6:57 they show a clip from New Moon, the Volturi fight scene- one of my favorite scenes in the movie!

When they get back from the break, Kristen Stewart and Jimmy Fallon throw so football.  at 9:08 Kristen throws the footballs at the plates and breaks all but one. Really funny interview!


Kristen Stewart on the Today Show

Here is Kristen Stewart’s interview from the Today show on Thurday:

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