If you would like to follow me on Twitter here is the info you will need;

First Join Twitter Today!

Once you do that you can click find a friend at the top

Then Type in this : TwiBookAddict

and it should show up my user name(TwiBookAddict) and my pic the Apple wit the wrd Twilight)and click follow

also if you would like to get a txt from Twitter, the txt will show the title of my post and it will send it to your phone, so you will know whenever i post something new!

If you have any questions email me at twilight_book_addicts@yahoo.com( Dont for get the underscores, _ !)

or leave a comment here with your question(s)

1 Response to “Follow Me On Twitter”

  1. 1 Amber
    May 7, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    You all know that taylor Lautner is going to find a beautiful wonderful smart alsome girl that he can laugh with and make him laugh and just be there for him.Plus You all know taylor behind the scenes and in the movies but you don’t know him know him. You don’t know his personal things what he feels and his personality all the the time. Just saying Taylor diserves a girl like that because hes funny and a alsome person and he diserves it.


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