Cameron Bright’s Interview

Here is Cameron Bright’s interview with MSN. CAmeron will be playing Alec, Janes twin brother and Jane will be played by Dakota Fanning. ANd he mentions about what will be a Volturi Symbol, like there is a Cullen Crest and there is that tattoo the were-wolves have.

You may have already seen Cameron in “X-Men The Last Stand” and “Thank You For Smoking.” In “New Moon” he plays “Alec,” one of the specially-gifted Volturi whose powers the coven value highly.

Cameron Bright
Were you a “Twilight” fan beforehand? Have you read the books?

Never read the books but I did watch the movie. Because a lot of people were saying like, it was half and half— all the guys were saying it was bad, and all the girls were saying it was good. I actually liked it, I didn’t mind it at all. And now obviously, I have to be in it, so…yeah [Laughs.]

In the audition process, how did it work?

We actually got a call, because I just live on the island [Vancouver Island], so we got a call and we were going to come over here, and I can’t remember happened, but I couldn’t come over. And I missed the audition and I was so panicked about it, so I called my agent, and I was like, “Give me their phone number, I’m going to say sorry.” And he’s like, “You may not have to, I think they’re just going to give it to you.” [Laughs.] And so we ended up just going, going, going…and sure enough they ended up just giving it to me. And obviously I’m not going to turn this down. I’m really honored to be in it

Do you get to go to Italy with the rest of the crew?

Nope, the whole Volturi family is going except for me!


Yeah, exactly! [Laughs.] Maybe now they’ll be like, “We’ll send him, out of pity!

Do you have a project between now and “Eclipse”?

We don’t have anything planned, but “Eclipse” is set to start filming pretty quick. Obviously because we can’t have people growing up and being too big. Because in a year I might have a full beard, you never know, right? [Laughs.] Obviously still trying to get jobs, you know…you never know.

You and Dakota are two of the youngest cast members, and yet two of the most veteran actors on the cast. Is that a strange thing to walk into?

Not really, it is weird because people ask me about acting and how it relates to my life. I’m 16 and I’ve been acting for 10 years, so it’s really all I know, and it is my life. Like obviously I have no life, so it’s just natural to me now, that’s all it is.

Your wardrobe, that pendant you’re wearing—do you know what those symbols are?

I don’t know, they just kind of slapped it on me. I know that’s a “V” for Volturi, I’m guessing? Because I’m a Volturi…I really have no idea what you’re asking. [Laughs.]

Does yours match Daniel’s?

The whole Volturi family has it because that’s their family seal. I don’t really know all of it


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