Tons of New Twilight Buys at Hot Topic

 Hot Topic  has sooo many new Twilight merchandise to buy! Here they are:

Cullen Crest Gem Bobby Pins $12.00         Jacob Charm Necklace $20.00

Twilight Cullen Crest Gem Bobby Pins Sku 321758                         Twilight Jacob Charm Necklace Sku 321589

Embrace Henley Top $32.00           Edward and Bella Charm Braclet $20.00

Twilight Embrace Henley Top Sku 238487                         Twilight Edward And Bella Charm Bracelet Sku 321327

Cullen and Jacob Pin Set $8.00        Edward and Bella Key Chain Set $4.00

Twilight Cullen And Jacob 4-Piece Pin Set Sku 321109                                    Twilight Edward And Bella Key Chain Set Sku 321232

Twilight Cast Tote Bag $24.00                    Cullen Crest Bag $34.00

Twilight Cast Tote Bag Sku 321490                                     Twilight Cullen Crest Backpack Sku 321545

Team Jacob Backpack $34.00         Team Edward Backpack $34.00      

                Twilight Team Jacob Backpack Sku 321235                    Twilight Team Edward Backpack Sku 321216

Edward and Bella Charm Necklace $20         Edward Charm Necklace $20

Twilight Edward And Bella Charm Necklace Sku 321449                                            Twilight Edward Charm Necklace Sku 321718

Edward and Jacob Tee $22.00                Edward Swirl Hoddie $48.00

Twilight Edward And Jacob Tee Sku 260411                                    Twilight Edward Swirl Hoodie Sku 295759

Edward Face Tee $22                                Twilight Group V-Neck Tee $24

Twilight Edward Face Tee Sku 272706                              Twilight Group V-Neck Tee Sku 286035

Twilight Tree Baseball Tee  $28              Team Edward Scoop Tee $26

Twilight Tree Baseball Tee Sku 281283                                Twilight Team Edward Scoop Tee Sku 272612

Edward Lunchbox $26                         Edward Metal Jewlery Box  $24

Twilight Edward Lunchbox Sku 321371                                  Twilight Edward Metal Jewelry Box Sku 321210

Twilight Cast Bandana $7                                     Edward Bandana $7

Twilight Cast Bandana Sku 321072                                           Twilight Edward Bandana Sku 321930

Edward Tote Bag $24                           Twilight Cast Messenger Bag $39

Twilight Edward Tote Bag Sku 321863                                     Twilight Cast Messenger Bag Sku 321719



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