Peter Facinelli’s Interview With Twilight Examiner

Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell was lucky enough to interview our favorite Vampire Dr. , Peter Facinelli. They talked about a lot of things such as, New Moon & Eclipse, the bet he made with Rob Defranco 😀 , Nurse Jackie, and a lot more.

You can read the full interview  Here .

After a couple of weeks of constant Twittering, and the widely known ,win in a bet with Rob DeFranco Facinelli is still working out the details on how to handle the prize. Says he, he is still “just trying to figure out what to do for the day [June 30th] because I want to try and do some kind of charity event. I thought it might be a fun way to actually make it into something meaningful.”

While the day might already include the very charitable donation of Facinelli’s own actor’s chair to one lucky Twilight fan/Twitter follower, Rob DeFranco’s Hollywood Boulevard jig might not be all Twilight fans will see on June 30th, it seems.

Also fun this week was the third episode of Facinelli’s newest show Nurse Jackie on Showtime – whose pilot broke Showtime’s own records and led to an immediate announcement of a second season. Said Facinelli about this news, he’s “pretty excited. I love working with Edie Falco. She’s an amazing actress, and a really sweet person. I mean, whenever you get to do more of what you love to do, it’s always great. When we did Twilight, I think our main goal was to hopefully be able to do more and we are.”

Indeed, they are. Having just wrapped The Twilight Saga: New Moon with director Chris Weitz, Facinelli is to be back on the Twilight set once again – this time with David Slade for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I asked Facinelli whether he was surprised at all that his work in Twilight has potentially led to a four-part film series. Said he, “Well, when we first shot it, you know, I think no one really knew that it was going to be this big. I think we were just hoping to satisfy the fans of the books, and we knew there was this underground following. Again, no one really knew it was going to snowball into this huge thing… kind of like my Twitter bet… No one knew it was going to snowball into that huge thing either.”

Nurse Jackie, since being pitted for a second season reprisal, will begin filming this fall. Also filming this fall is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but Peter Facinelli is confident that both can be done harmoniously. Says he, “They’re starting in October some time, and I think we’re starting Eclipse in August, so if everything stays according to plan it’ll be close, but we’ll be able to squeeze both. The good news is that I’m not in every scene in Eclipse and I’m not in every scene in Nurse Jackie, so I’m sure I’ll be able to do both.”


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