Celvver TV Talks New Moon Trailer

Clevver TV Talks about the New Moon Trailer. She talks about the CGI effect on the Wolf Transformation. How the make-up in New Moon looks way better than make-up in Twilight and a few other things.

I totally agree with her on 1:00 the CGI effect was really too dog like. They needed to make it more bear like and Jacob looks kinda small not so big and tall and intimidating as hes described in New Moon and definitly doesnt look frightning at all as described! And like she said hopefully the Wolf transformation will be worked on. And its funny what she says at 1:04 “It definitly has that look from the Golden Compass if you know what i mean”. That was funny!

And in the two scenes in the trailer when Bella is with Laurent in the meadow, then it goes to Jacob then Bella is running saying ” Jake Run !” She says that “She is obviously trying to get away from Paul”. I didnt know that was obvious . I mean seriously if i had to guess what scene that would be a part of when she was running and yelling “Jake Run!” I would’v guessed that she saw Victoria or something and was trying to get away.

1 Response to “Celvver TV Talks New Moon Trailer”

  1. July 22, 2009 at 8:13 am

    Ok first she needs to pronounce Laurent’s name correctly!! Second a WOLF looks a loooot like a dog btw! Jake’s wolf look is fine. Also it is definitely not obvious that the scene where Bella yells, “Jake, run!” is from the Paul scene! Lastly, this trailer really makes one want to see the New Moon movie!

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