Will There Be A Breaking Dawn Movie?

Amanada Bella over at Twilight Examiner pointed out the problems and difficulties for-if they were to film Breaking Dawn. I already knew one big problem:  (SPOILER AHEAD IF U HAVENT READ B.D.) Renesmee, her talent, her fast growth and her birth here is what Amanda Bell pointed out:

We also know that Summit Entertainment has taken The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as an “optioned property,” which, basically, means that they have the choice whether to make the film or not – and they haven’t decided at this point. We also know that Robert Pattinson was quoted at the Red Carpet of the Oscar’s this March that Breaking Dawn would, indeed, be made as well (video below – saying “and Breaking Dawn‘s gonna be done at some point as well, so yeah…”).



So where does that leave us? Unfortunately, fans, in limbo. With the imminent and inevitable success of  The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the demand-side will certainly not be an issue. Rumor had it that the issue was with the character Renesmee and the impossibility of casting a baby with a full set of teeth who continues to grow at rapid and inexplicable speed, talks (when she actually speaks) like a mature adult of wisened years, and who can do spectacular things physically (such as, for instance, jump eight feet in the air to catch a snowflake).

In the case of Breaking Dawn, though, there are quite a few distinctions to be had. In The Lord of the Ring series, there was an ending with The Return of the King, but with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there will not be a tangible sense of completeness to the series without Breaking Dawn‘s production. Also, Breaking Dawn presents, for some, some of Bella’s most shining moments as a strong character, and, quite simply, it is as important a part of the story of Edward and Bella as the very first kiss in Twilight.

So, how could the barriers to Breaking Dawn‘s production be overcome? Simple: CGI. We already discussed the fact that gifted-CGI-user director Chris Weitz is employing its use for New Moon, and we’ve seen it bring to life some of our favorite literary characters in other series (think Gollum in The Lord of the Rings or Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Renesmee is, quite simply, not out of reach for our wonderful age of cinematography. Concerns that a CGI-enhanced Renesmee would be inadequate are speculative, really, and I have optimism in the possibilities that the United States’ entertainment industry holds.

As for concerns that it would be too long, I am quite positive that I speak for all Twilight series fans when I say that we would be thrilled to sit in an epic-length depiction of this film, just to see it unfold on-screen. Perhaps, I am wrong, but I doubt it. To see characters like Irina, Tanya, and Brie come to life; to see Jacob’s inner-strife as he witnesses Bella endure sheer torment, and to have to endure and persist as a labor of love; to see the wedding, the dress, Isle Esme (oh my). To see it all, I dare say, the fans would happily remain seated for three hours or so. Perhaps the studio could even break the film in half, if necessary. In any case, bring Breaking Dawn on, I say.


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