(Me)Twi_Vampire_Girl on Twilight Haters

OK here is was just at the mall on Borders just looking at the Twilight Stuff and then this happend:

Boy1 Tells Boy2: “You see all this Twilight Stuff ? I just want to put it in The B.S. Pile.”

 ( I wanted to put Him in The B.S. pile!)

Boy 1 Tells Boys 2: “I Hate Twilight why does everybody like it?!”

(Twilight Hates You!)

Boy One saw a bracelet that said I Heart Boys Who Sparkle and said:

“I Dont Love Boys Who Sparkle!” He laffs and walks away.

( Ya Sure Keep Telling Yourself That Buddy!!!)

If you dont have anything nice to say about Twilight then dont say it all! If you come across anything like that let me know! I’d like to blog about it! Ok well ttyl!


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