How Bella and Edward Got There Look

EW Talked with Chuck and Wendy ( The Twilight Costume designers) and they talked about Bella and The Cullen’s Wardrobe To View the pix and what they had to say about there wardrobe click the link


Here is one part from the article:

Edward’s Pea Coat:

”Everybody wants to know where his pea coat came from!” exclaims the costumer. Unfortunately, it is a one-of-a-kind piece (er, sort of: three to four were made for filming purposes) which Chuck herself crafted after not being able to find the perfect one. ”We needed the right fit, [and] I couldn’t find anything in the right shade of gray,” she recalls. ”Catherine [Hardwicke, the director] is really big on back story for her characters and anything that can help that, even if it’s in a texture or color of clothes.” After considering ”probably 20 swatches,” Chuck went with one from Mood Fabrics and based her final design on a combination of other styles of pea coats. In the end, his turned out as ”a classic shape with a modern twist.”


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