Breaking Dawn Banned from some School Libaries?

Here is the Article from 4TNZ


We’ve always known school bites — and now they’re sucking the fun out of bloodsucking!

A total lame-o parent in the Salt Lake City, Utah area complained to her kid’s junior high school because she found some stuff in the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, inappropriate. [Click here for the story] Uhh, could you just not handle the awesome, mom?

So the school in question decided not to put the book on the library shelves – pretty much banning the fourth book in the Twilight saga. (Ironic since author Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon and Utah is a Mormon-heavy state.)

But how will anyone knows what happened to Bella and the Cullens?!

“I know some of the elementary school librarians keep it behind the counter. That way, they can ensure that the parent approves of the child checking it out,” said one local school official. Yeah… thanks for that!

We think this is totally ridiculous, and if you do too, sign the petition in the comments section and send it to your friends! To sgn the petition i guess you have to leave a comment to leave a comment click the link:


And i want to know what U think about it also!


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